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NOTES: The default currency is $USD and default duplication is high speed. You can change these below.

** We do real-time audio cassette copies directly from your master or high-speed digital bin copies **

We ship everywhere in the world!

See samples on our see our gallery on tumblr and our cassette gallery

CD Packages 1-2-3 panels


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International clients will have to pay their own VAT and customs fees upon reception except in the USA where there is NO TAX and Australia where there is no tax under $1000.

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Audio Cassette Selection Guide

Standard turntime target for cassette manufacturing is 15 to 20 business days with J-Cards and labeling included. This turntime is not guaranteed - for a guaranteed turntime choose a rush service. Standard turntime after test approval is 10 business days. Test tapes are sent by lettermail unless express courier is requested and paid for.


  Order Options
Add a UPC barcode for only $20
Standard ink colours are white and black for PAD PRINTING.
Colour ink setup on pad printer: $35 included in calculator price (violet, orange, ultramarine blue, scarlet red, metallic gold, grass green, and silver chrome ink in stock)
Other ink colors: $125 or custom quote (the ink cost is approx $95 minimum purchase!)
  inks for pad printing on audio cassettes


  Other Details

CURRENCY: Our base is in Canada but most of our customers are outside Canada. This price calculator is based on Canadian dollars and has daily currency updates in USD, GBP, AUD, and Euro. You can pay us in any of those currencies using PayPal (including most credit cards). The default currency on this page is US dollars.


MASTERS: For fastest service supply 1 WAV or AIFF file per side.

If you supply individual songs please prefix the names with A01 etc as follows:
A01, A02, A03...A10, A11 etc... for the A side, and B01, B02, B03... B13 etc.. for the B side. It is important to use that "0" in A01, otherwise A10 might come before A1.

Try to supply all tracks at the same sampling rate. You have to tell us if you want to adjust the spaces between the songs. In most cases the files are butted together with no extra space added between songs. In other words, whatever silence you want between songs is already built into the tracks. Very often when MP3 files are supplied, whatever program that was used to create the MP3s adds a fraction of a second of silence at the head and tail of every song. If you have a seamless mix then obviously this will sound pretty lame with a dropout between the songs, and we all waste a lot of time trying to get it fixed.

PROOFING AUDIO: Generating proofs of your audio for approval is $35. We will send you an MP3 of each side for approval. We can proceed AS-IS without a proof. NB: If you supply 1 file per side then there's no need for a proof.

TEST TAPES: Test tapes will take approximately 1 week to produce. We will then MAIL the test tape to you. Turntime starts after you approve the test tape. You can request Express air shipping of the test tape for $25 in North America or $40 overseas. You can also specify the Rip to MP3 option to save shipping time. With this option we will transfer the cassette back to a digital MP3 or WAV.

MASTERING: In-house editing services are available. One common task is to correct the loudness of the individual songs on compliations. Adjusting spaces, de-essing, high-frequency limiting, filtering, compression, resampling, etc... ask for a quote. Minimum CAD$80.


Pad print option : Pad printing uses opaque ink. We can make it even more opaque by doing a double-hit (surcharge of 5 cents per print). Every cassette is placed on the machine by hand so it takes more labour than the high-speed offset machines. Offset printing on cassette (which we don't offer) uses inks that are not as opaque with limited artistic appeal.

** Your art file must use black to represent the ink colour **


We are just getting started with 2 colour pad printing. Art has to be supplied in colour-separated layers. The extra cost is CAD$60 for 1 side, $90 for 2 sides for orders up to 200 pieces. Over 200 pieces add 5 cents per print.

2 color pad print


With real-time duplication we QC a few seconds of the A side on every cassette, and do a spot check on the B-sides. High-speed duplication includes a spot check on about 1 out of 50 tapes.


J-Cards: Standard paper stock: 100 lb coated paper (like CD covers). Our J-Cards are printed with full bleeds on all sides and include scoring and folding of the spine. They are not done on perforated sheets.

Also available with additional fee of 10 cents per cover ( minimum $25 ):
- 24 lb linen paper
- 100 lb smooth uncoated text ( sample )
- 80 lb gold metallic text ( sample)
- 80 lb White Enviro uncoated cover (thick, a challenge to fold more than a J)
- 12 pt Tango C2S (coated both sides, difficult to fold)
* Large orders of 500 or more may need a custom quote

  O-CARDS - Authentic Cassingle-Style with 15 point board


We can again offer professional O-Card printing even for small runs. Offset-printed on 15 point board in full colour, diecut and glued. The 15 point O-Cards are rigid so they can be shrinkwrapped without getting all bent out of shape, and being offset-printed they don't have the toner-melt and toner-cracking problems. Click on the images below to see our pro-quality O-Cards.

O-CardPro O-Cards

For 250 or less we have digital-printed O-Cards on 12 point board. The board is thinner and the tape tends to be loose inside the package. These digital O-Cards are still printed full-bleed and are diecut.

We can also do even very small runs on our precut blanks on an inkjet printer.

chipboard o-cards

The inkjet O-cards are printed in standard mode so there is some minor banding. High-res photo mode printing is available for CAD$0.50 more per O-card. Inkjet O-cards will have an unprintable margin alll around.

NEW! We now offer 1 and 2 colour offset printing with optional raised print. Line art is recommended. With this sample below with heavy black ink we had to use the raised print process to cure the ink, otherwise it would never dry. Ask us for a quote on this process (budget $200+ for offset printing with raised print).

o-card offset with raised print




Monday to Friday are counted as production days

Day "0" starts when your material is submitted and payment is made. If you order a test tape then Day "0" starts when you approve the test tape (or generally 10 days maximum). To save time you can order the Rip to MP3 option. Artwork must be ready to print. If there are any problems with your artwork we may not be able to start any production until you correct it. The cutoff time to enter rush orders is noon. If your material and payment is entered after noon, day "0" will be the next day.

3 day turn means the order should be ready to ship at 4:30 PM after 3 business days. An order placed Monday would be ready to ship Thursday. Contact us if you need faster service.


On very rush orders we often complete the order after most couriers have left, leaving us only with UPS. The cost for UPS Express shipping is a lot higher than our other options so we will need to bill you for the difference.


See samples on our see our gallery on tumblr and our cassette gallery

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