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Transport costs for packaged audio cassettes

Rates are always for delivery to metropolitan areas. Remote area surcharges may apply.

All rates are in CANADIAN Dollars

Rest of Canada
Express Overnight
Last minute USA Express Overnight
50 tapes
7 lbs
FREE! FREE! $89 $155
100 tapes
14 lbs
FREE! FREE! $110 $228
200 tapes
28 lbs
FREE! FREE! $157 $326
300 tapes
42 lbs
FREE! FREE! custom quote $392
500 tapes
70 lbs
FREE! FREE! custom quote $524
1000 tapes
140 lbs
FREE! FREE! custom quote $921
2000 tapes
280 lbs
FREE! FREE! custom quote $1826
Service used Dicom, UPS, Purolator, *Local same-day courier add $20
2 hour courier add $30
Taxi and Uber also available.
Canada: Purolator Ground, UPS Standard, or Canada Post Parcel
USA: USPS Media Mail. Upgrade to UPS Standard for small fee
USA: DHL Express
Canada: UPS or Purolator
These are discounted rates with no service failure refunds.

UPS Express Saver


  UK & Ireland
(Courier delivery)
New Zealand
Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Other European countries
50 tapes
3.5 KG
$35 $80 $63 $81
100 tapes
6.5 KG
$60 $120 $89 $115
200 tapes
13 KG
$85 $200 $140 $174
300 tapes
20 KG
$140 $300 $180 $225
500 tapes
30 KG
$220 $450 $260 $309
Service used UK courier
approx 2-3 weeks
$70 insurance included. $700 coverage: $15
Fedex Economy
Approx 7 days
TNT Economy or DHL at our option, approx 5-7 days delivery time.
Some European countries have a lot of remote areas with an extra $30+ fee. Our rates are for delivery to metropolitan areas.
TNT or DHL at our option
Contact us for Express 2-4 day delivery costs
VAT and customs fees are your responsibility

  Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam    
50 tapes
3.5 KG
$74 $80    
100 tapes
6.5 KG
$105 $120    
200 tapes
13 KG
$152 $200    
300 tapes
20 KG
$200 $300    
500 tapes
30 KG
$300 $450    
Service used Feex Economy or DHL
Approx 5-8 days
Fedex Economy
Approx 7 days
VAT and customs fees are your responsibility


International Air Mail up to 2 KG (4.4 lbs)

This is an affordable option for small parcels of 25 packaged cassettes or 40 cassettes without cases with a fast delivery worldwide. Shipping time is around 3 to 4 weeks.


There is no tracking number and no insurance. Shipment is at your risk of loss.

Cassette weights

C-30: 24 grams
C-60: 30 grams
C-90: 30 grams
C-120: 34 grams
Norelco box: 22 grams
Shipping box and packing material: approx 250 grams

Parcel cannot exceed 2 KG.


All shipments are covered for up to $100 against loss or damage except where noted. You can request to purchase additional coverage for $4 per $100 value. $500 value = $16 additional cost.

Canada: taxes are applied based on the shipping address or pickup location.

USA: There are NO TAXES or other fees when shipping to the USA. Most orders ship from Montreal with a standard transit time of 2 days to NYC and 6 business days to California.

Australia: According to Australian Customs there is no GST or duty on shipments valued under AU$1000 including the shipping cost. Link to Australian Customs page.

All other countries: You will be billed your local VAT taxes, duty and fees. You can contact your customs office and TNT or DHL in your country to enquire if there are additional fees.

UK: We have an economical delivery route using a UK courier. Expected delivery time is 6 business days after we drop it at a Toronto forwarder (approx once per week).

Countries not listed will be similar or more expensive than the TNT Economy rates posted above. Contact us for a quote. We have no problem dealing with businesses who understand the costs involved. Residential deliveries are difficult due to high delivery costs and taxes (like 60% tax in Brazil).

Many people ask us for rates by the post. We don't recommend it because Canada Post international parcel rates are similar to TNT Economy, but parcels are delivered in 6 to 16 weeks instead of 1-2 weeks. You can see for yourself at

It is recommended to put Made in Canada on your artwork.

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