7 Inch Vinyl Record Pressing and Cover Printing


7 Inch Vinyl Pressing Quote

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Rush service available!



Here's a sample of a 7" pressing job in multiple colours!

7 inch rush vinyl #neonzero


Canadian Vinyl Pressing

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Add colour to your 7 inch records! Starting from USD$150.

Available colours:

White, clear, red, blue, yellow, green
Opaque or translucent

Mixes and blends also available by custom quote

Splatters, swirls, and pattern pressings also available

Please contact us for current pricing and turntime!

7 inch jacket   7 inch label




7 Inch Vinyl Records in White Paper Sleeves

7 inch records in white paper sleeves




7 inch Add-ons

7 inch paper or cardboard inserts (b&w or full colour)
7 inch paper folders
Download codes with file hosting


7 inch FAQ

Question: How many minutes per side can I put on a 7 inch? Can I do 8 minutes per side?

Answer: 7 inch records were introduced in 1949 and designed to be 45 rpm and around 3 minutes per side. It's common to go up to around 4:30 per side. Cutting at 33 RPM typically allows around 6 minutes per side. If you want longer playing time the sound level will be reduced to compensate so the sound quality will suffer. You might want to consider a 12 inch single instead.



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