Blu-ray Disc Manufacturing

Blu-ray disc manufacturing starts at around $3000 due to encryption, stamper and minimum order fees. The majority of jobs are done as BLU-RAY DUPLICATION instead!

If you do need 1000 or more pressed (aka replicated or glass mastered) Blu-ray discs contact us for a quote which will start at around $3000.

Here is a comparison of Blu-ray replication vs duplication:

Blu-ray Replication Features Blu-ray Duplication Features
Expensive AACS encryption fee No encryption fee
Expensive glass mastering/stamper fee No mastering fee
Complicated BD-CMF master needed Easy BD-R master you can make at home or office (make sure to "close" the disc when burning the master).
Additional fee to convert your BD-R to BD-CMF  
Long 3-4 week process, or high rush fees to do it faster. Get your copies in as little as 1 day!
Offset or silkscreen printing Inkjet, thermal, silkscreen, or offset printing available
Effective minimum is 1000 pieces (100 will cost the same as 1000, the only difference being transport costs) 1 piece minimum
High compatibility Our pro BD-R discs are highly compatible
Hard-coat anti-scratch surface Hard-coat anti-scratch surface
Expensive to make a small quantity Affordable for small quantities!