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DVD Digipak

The basic 4 panel DVD Digipak is a cardboard package with a plastic tray. Usually the tray is clear so you can put artwork underneath it. DVD Digipaks are a very classy alternative to standard plastic DVD boxes.

Larger configurations with 6 or 8 panels and multiple trays are also available. We offer digital printing from as few as 50 pieces and offset printing for larger quantities. Please contact us for a quote on your next project.



4 panel 1 DVD Digipak. Tray on right. 5.433" x 7.4" x 0.275"
Offset and digital

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DVD digipak\
dvd digipak folding

4 panel 1 DVD Digipak with diagonal pocket. Tray on right.
Offset only

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dvd digipak with pocket

dvd 1digipak with diagonal pocket


Other templates are available.