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** We do real-time audio cassette copies directly from your master or high-speed digital bin copies **

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Rush: (business days M-F. Contact us for faster service.)


Final quantity may vary up to 5%. Up to 5% extras are free on orders prepaid in full. Overs beyond 5% will be billed at the package unit price. In the event of a shortage we will refund the difference. We recommend keeping this in mind when placing your order quantity.

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Add a UPC barcode for only $25
Standard ink colours are white and black for PAD PRINTING.
Colour ink setup on pad printer: $25 included in calculator price. INKS IN STOCK: 950 Violet, 926 Orange, 920 Lemon Yellow (Citron), 952 Ultramarine Blue, 954 Medium Blue, 956 Brilliant Blue, 932 Scarlet Red, 934 Carmine Red, 193 Rich Metallic Gold, 962 Grass Green, 191 Silver chrome, 439 Process Red (Magenta), Radiant Orchid (Pantone 2352). 970 White, 980 Black, 439 Process Black (glossier black and better for logos with fine lines), 936 Magenta.
Other ink colors: to be quoted
  inks for pad printing on audio cassettes


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CURRENCY: Our base is in Canada but most of our customers are outside Canada. This price calculator is based on Canadian dollars and has daily currency updates in USD, GBP, AUD, and Euro. You can pay us in any of those currencies using PayPal (including most credit cards). The default currency on this page is US dollars.


MASTERS: For fastest service supply 1 WAV or AIFF file per side. Files must be stereo.

If you supply individual songs please prefix the names with A01 etc as follows:
A01, A02, A03...A10, A11 etc... for the A side, and B01, B02, B03... B13 etc.. for the B side. It is important to use that "0" in A01, otherwise A10 might come before A2.

Supply all tracks at the same sampling rate. You have to tell us if you want to adjust the spaces between the songs. In most cases the files are butted together with no extra space added between songs. In other words, whatever silence you want between songs is already built into the tracks. Very often when MP3 files are supplied, whatever program that was used to create the MP3s adds a fraction of a second of silence at the head and tail of every song. If you have a seamless mix then obviously this will sound pretty amateur with a dropout between the songs, and we all waste a lot of time trying to get it fixed.

PROOFING AUDIO: If we have to compile the tracks, you can request an MP3 proof for approval. This proof cost is $35. We will send you an MP3 of each side for approval. We can proceed AS-IS without a proof. NB: If you supply 1 file per side then there's usually no need for a proof, but check the file sizes you've uploaded.

TEST TAPES: Test tapes will take approximately 2 weeks to produce and only include the audio. We will then mail the test tape to you. Turntime starts after you approve the test tape. You can request Express air shipping of the test tape for $25 in North America.

TEST TAPE WITH GRAPHICS: To produce a printed product sample we have to do all the print setups including films, plates, press setup, scoring and die-cutting. The cost depends on the product configuration - pad printing and full-bleed O-Cards cost quite a lot to run twice. J-Cards on standard paper and paper labels are not too expensive. Ask your rep for a quote if you feel you need a printed sample before full production. It might take 2 to 4 weeks to complete a product sample.

MASTERING: In-house editing services are available. One common task is to correct the loudness of the individual songs on compliations. Adjusting spaces, de-essing, high-frequency limiting, filtering, compression, resampling, etc... ask for a quote.


Pad print option : Pad printing uses opaque ink. We can make it even more opaque by doing a double-hit. Every cassette is placed on the machine by hand so it takes more labour than the high-speed offset machines. Offset printing on cassette (which we don't offer) uses inks that are not as opaque with limited artistic appeal.

** Your art file must use black to represent the ink colour **


We are just getting started with 2 colour pad printing. Art has to be supplied in colour-separated layers. The extra cost is CAD$60 for 1 side, $100 for 2 sides for orders up to 100 pieces. Over 100 pieces add an additional 15 cents per print.

2 color pad print


REAL-TIME DUPLICATION NOTES: With real-time duplication we QC a few seconds of the A side on every cassette, and we do a spot check on the B-sides. We copy both sides of the cassette at the same time, so the starting time of the B side will vary by up to 20 seconds on longer tapes. We can copy each side sequentially and of course this takes more than twice as long so there is an extra fee for this service. Contact your representative for a quote.


HIGH-SPEED DUPLICATION NOTES: Our high speed copies are done on a bin loop system directly to reel-to-reel duplicators. If the last tape on a pancake of tape is good, then it is just about 100% guaranteed that every tape is identical. The tape winders cut the tape on a cue tone so the leadin to both sides is precise with around 5 to 10 seconds of blank tape before the program starts. High-speed duplication includes a QC check on 1 tape per pancake.


J-Cards: Standard paper stock for J-Cards with up to 3 extra panels: Premium 10 point (216 gsm) Cougar Super Smooth Cover printed on a digital press. Features of Cougar Super Smooth:

  • Cougar’s trusted name and reputation
  • High 98 brightness for striking contrast
  • Superior 99% opacity for minimal show-through
  • Extensive basis weight range from 65 lb. Text to 130 lb. Cover
  • 10% post-consumer recycled content
  • FSC® certified
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified™
  • SFI® Certified Sourcing
  • Acid-free for archival quality
  • Made in USA

Our J-Cards are printed with full bleeds on all sides and include scoring and folding. Your artwork must include bleeds.

Also available with additional fee (minimum $30):
- 100 lb linen cover (JP0: 20 cents per cover, JP1: 30 cents per cover, JP2: 40 cents per cover)

Contact us for anything special, keeping in mind there are minimum order quantities from paper suppliers.

We own our own fully equipped print shop with digital and offset presses so we can meet just about any requirement.


Yes we can do high quality offset printing of J-Cards on our offset press. The sheet size is up to 20x26 inches. Contact us for a quote when you must have offset print. Since a J-Card is so small you should think of printing posters, flyers or postcards at the same time. You have to tell us what paper stock you want so we can quote the job. We include glossy AQ coating as standard, or you can request matte AQ as an inexpensive upgrade.

Embossing/Debossing/Foil stamping available... these are fairly expensive procedures with additional costs of $500 or more.


You must include bleed and respect safety margins. If you don't bleed your art past the cut lines, you will have white edges on 2 of the 4 sides. If you put important text or image details right on the cut or score lines, it may get cut off or be unreadable. If you use 2 point type, it won't be legible. Dark blue or red text in a black background is not very legible at small sizes.

Corrections to art files are available from $30.




Monday to Friday are counted as production days. Rush service does not include shipping time. In most cases shipping is from Montreal. Toronto pickups will be ready at the end of the next day. Express noon delivery to Toronto is available for a $25 courier fee.

Day "0" starts when workable material is submitted and payment is made. If you order a test tape then production resumes after you approve the test tape. Artwork must be ready to print. If there are any problems with your artwork we may not be able to start any production until you correct it. The cutoff time to enter rush orders is noon. If your material and payment is entered after noon, day "0" will be the next day.

The biggest problem we have when trying to keep on track with rush orders is artwork submitted without bleeds and not respecting the safety margin. Here's a youtube video about bleeds and safety margin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x6VPUVFBh4 . If your artwork doesn't follow these basic rules, your job will be delayed and correction fees may apply.



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