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Custom-Printed Blank Audio Cassettes

Pad printing on cassettes is a specialty service only offered at It is a slow semi-automatic process using opaque pad printing inks. The results are quite different than what is obtained using high-speed offset machines.

You are better off ordering our highspeed duplication service instead of asking us to print on blank tapes.

If you do insist on getting printed blank cassettes, you should order 20% more cassettes than you need. If you want 100 printed tapes, order 120 cassettes.

Here is the price list for custom pad printing on blank audio cassettes all in Canadian dollars:

Minimum printing and setup fee: $125

Film (high density litho film, highly recommended to get good results): $25
Printing plates and press setup: $65 one side, $85 for two sides (black or white ink)

Press setup for other colors: $50

Pad printing (per side)

Each print: $0.40
Double-hits add $0.10

Turntime: Jobs are queued in sequence with duplication orders, therefore turntime could be around 4 weeks

Optional 7 business day rush service: $50

There is no guarantee that plates will be usable on reorders. A plate can be good for 1000 or more prints.



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