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audio cassette duplication
Complete duplication packages
audio cassette duplication


Cassingle duplication packages
audio cassette duplication

FAST DIY packages

We dupe the tapes, you pack
audio cassette duplication

Blank Tapes

Buy blank tapes and supplies in the shop
CD pressing packages

CD Pressing

Real CD pressing from a glass master in Jewel Cases or cardboard sleeves and wallets
CD duplication
Short-run CD duplication, bulk packed or with with paper covers and plastic cases
Short-run CDs in cardboard sleeves and wallets

Short-run CD Board Paks

Short-run CD duplication in cardboard sleeves and wallets
Fast CD Enviropak duplication

CD Enviropaks

Fast CD/DVD duplication in a cardstock folder packed in a poly sleeve
DVD pressing packages

DVD Pressing

DVD pressing from a glass master
CD duplication
Short-run DVD duplication
Blu-ray duplication

Blu-ray Duplication

High Definition Blu-ray duplication
Blank disc printing

Blank disc printing

Silkscreen and inkjet printing on blank CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs
Lathe cuts

Lathe Cuts

Lathe cuts are great short-run promo items - order as few as 1
7 inch vinyl pressing
Contact us for a quote on 7 inch record pressing
12 inch vinyl pressing

12 Inch Vinyl Pressing

Contact us for a quote on 12 inch vinyl pressing
Vinyl Record Sleeves and Supplies

Vinyl Supplies Shop

A wide variety of sleeves and blank covers for collectors, record shops, and bands
Call for help or to place an order Toronto (416) 502-TAPE or Montreal (514) 878-TAPE [8273] or info@duplication.ca


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CD Duplication with Carboard Sleeves and Digipaks - all new lower pricing!

cd duplication deals

FREE SHIPPING on Cassette Duplication in North America

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New cassettes have arrived

new cassettes arrived

See our cassette selection guide. for updates to our cassette stock.

We ship to the USA every day

We ship to the USA by UPS and our shipping rates are very competitive. Transport time is only 2 or 3 days for areas from Virginia to New York to Chicago. We also have FREE SHIPPNG TO USA on tape duplication packages by USPS mail.

Fast Audio Cassette Duplication

Contact us to get your tapes made fast. Packaging and printing services may take slightly longer. Place an order by clicking here.

Vinyl Record Pressing

Featuring fast turn and high quality 12 inch record pressing. Contact us to discuss your project.

Help Wanted

Sales. production, and customer service help wanted in Montreal and Toronto. Send your CV to jobs@duplication.ca.


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The Popular Enviropak Short-run CD Duplication Poly Sleeve Packages

cd poly board package

Cardboard sleeve package economical for runs as low as 25 pieces. Click here for more info.

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You will find info about our CD duplication and other services and products right here on this website. Please consult our web pages, and if you have any questions - don't hesitate to call us or contact us by email at info@duplication.ca

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About us

Duplication.ca (Analogue Media Technologies Inc., Amtech) is your most reliable duplication source in Canada for more than 20 years. We offer quick turnaround on CD and DVD duplication, DVD replication and audio cassette manufacturing, even same-day service. We offer CD and CD-ROM replication of any quantity starting from 100 pieces. We once again offer 12 inch and 7 inch vinyl pressing. We also offer an extensive variety of printed inserts, mailers, boxes, and posters - and we have the graphic arts and prepress skills to make sure your CDs or cassettes look great. And to round out our product line to make us truly a one-stop shop, we have very competitive prices on blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, cassettes and accessories.