DVD Cover Template Downloads

Download these free DVD cover templates. These are the same specs as used for Hollywood DVD movies.



Code Description Flat Size (inch) Downloads Files
DVDP-TRAP DVD trapsheet for replication and machine assembly (regular 14mm spine) 10.7333 x 7.25 .pdf   .zip
DVDPDTRAP (digital) DVD trapsheet for hand assembly (for digital print, wider) 10.75 x 7.25 pdf
DVT110 DVD Trapsheet (narrow 7mm spine) 10.5 x 7.247 .pdf   .zip
DVI200 DVD one panel Inlay 4.875 x 7.3125 .pdf   .zip
DVI201 DVD two panel folder (and booklets) 250mm x 183mm .pdf
DVI210 DVD three panel folder 14.587 x 7.311 .pdf   .zip
DVI220 DVD four page inlay 9.75 x 7.3125 .pdf   .zip
DVI230 DVD four panel accordion folder 19.465 x 7.312 .pdf   .zip
DVI235 DVD four panel gate folder 19.375 x 7.312 .pdf   .zip
DVI240 DVD four panel double folder 19.437 x 7.312 .pdf  .zip
DVI250 DVD nine panel poster folder 14.803 x 21.929 .pdf   .zip


  Custom DVD Trapsheets    
DVT120 DVD Trapsheet (5 DVD case) 11.1875 x 7.247 .pdf   .zip
DVT130 DVD Trapsheet (9 DVD case) 11.4375 x 7.247 .pdf   .zip
DVT140 DVD Trapsheet (DVD case Fat 4pack) 11.75 x 7.125 .pdf   .zip
DVT150 DVD Trapsheet (Triple Slim DVD case) 11.25 x 7.25 .pdf   .zip
DVT160 DVD Trapsheet (4 DVD case) 11.25 x 7.25 .pdf   .zip

DVL100 DVD Longbox – single support 15.953 x 14.406 .pdf   .zip

DVO900 DVD O-Card for 6 PNL DVD Europak with single tray 16.5 x 5.476 .pdf   .zip
DVO901 DVD O-Card for 6PNL DVD Swing Tray Europak – # DVE625 16.694 x 5.435 .pdf   .zip
DVO902 DVD O-card – for 1 regular Amaray and 1 thinpak Amaray case 17.5 x 5.343 .pdf   .zip
DVO903 DVD O-Card for single regular Amaray case 17.0 x 5.343 .pdf   .zip
DVO904 DVD O-card for 2 regular Amaray cases 18.125 x 5.343 .pdf   .zip
DVO910 DVD-O Card for single regular Amaray case – TOP LOAD 12.593 x 7.378 .pdf   .zip
DVO911 DVD-O Card for single regular Amaray case - TOP LOAD 12.5 x 7.5313 .pdf   .zip