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How to order audio cassettes:

If you want us to duplicate the tapes refer to our online price quoter.

Blank tapes and supplies can be ordered here in the online shop.

Audio cassettes are available as Type I (normal bias) and Type II (high bias chrome and cobalt).

For custom-loaded tapes choose the items immediately below. We need several days to make your custom-loaded tapes.

We also have a variety of pre-loaded and surplus cassettes. Expand the Audio Cassettes category to the left, then locate the pre-loaded tapes categories. You may also find pre-loaded tapes in the Clearance and Liquidation categories.

New Arrivals

On sale

16X 4.7 GB DVD-R Shiny Silver 50pk (Ritek)

Ritek 16X 4.7 GB DVD-R with unbranded  shiny silver top 


List price: USD$8.97 save 22%

2-CD Jewel Box with Clear Flipper Tray (Pro Quality) 200pk Not assembled

2-CD Jewel Box with clear tray, 200 pieces not assembled


90 Minute Transparent Prison Tapes, Tab-out 10 Pack

Perfect for prison tapes, or if you love the transparent cassette! No screws, 10 pack of blank audio cassettes. Normal bias tape, tab-out, yellow leaders.

90 minutes total, 45 per side.

(loaded to 90:10)


Pre-Loaded 24 Minute Normal Bias Rubine Red Audio Cassettes
Normal bias 24 minute premium music-grade Super Ferro (24:10 total, or 12:05 per side) tapes in a rubine red tab-out shell.

Pre-Loaded 30 Minute Normal Bias Matte White Audio Cassettes
Normal bias 30 minute premium music-grade Super Ferro (30:10 total, or 15:05 per side) tapes in a matte white tab-out shell.
Quantity Out of stock or special order.

Random Blank Loaded Cassettes! 25 Packs!

Some extra cassettes we had lying around! Made into 25 packs, random colors and lengths, normal bias tape.


Random Blank Loaded Cassettes! Shorter Lengths, 20 Packs

Some extra cassettes we had lying around! Made into 20 packs, random colors and lengths, mostly shorter tapes up to 30 or 40 minutes. 

List price: USD$7.80 save 10%

Slimpak CD/DVD Poly O-Shells in Lime Green, Purple, Blue and Pink 200pk

High-quality Slimpak CD DVD O-Shells in various colours

List price: USD$38.98 save 40%

Two Dozen Audio Cassettes for Art

Various rejected audio cassettes, perfect for your art projects, decoration, or crafts.

List price: USD$7.80 save 50%