Printing templates for CD,DVD, Blu-ray, Cassettes and vinyl records


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Here are dozens of templates for a wide variety of multimedia packaging options. We have templates for CD folders, booklets, traycards, wallets, retail boxes, CD and DVD disc labels, CD business card packaging, etc...
Design Templates
Cassette Covers and Labels  
CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc Label CD Digipaks
CD Covers and booklets DVD Digipaks
2-panel CD/DVD jackets Blu-ray Covers
4-panel gatefolds or wallets DVD Covers
6-panel gatefolds or wallets VHS Boxes
CD Wallets 8-panel wallets Posters
CD Rom Boxes Vinyl Jackets and labels

*Reminder: Please include the country of origin (usually "Made in Canada") on any outwardly visible part of the inserts (ie: traycard), or on the cd label if you are ordering bulk discs only.

Film specs

Tips for successful film output and printing

Tutorial about CD Label Silkscreening


We have dies ready for all these items so we can quote, print, and ship most of these items in under 2 weeks. The cardboard items can sometimes take a few days longer.

Please contact us by email, phone, or this contact form for any custom quotes. We can quote you a price on doing just the print, or the full project including the disc, packaging, and fulfillment.

If you are the purchaser or publisher and not a designer, you may not know what to do with these files. In that case we also have prepress services available and we would be pleased to make an estimate for designing your project.

Please contact us to discuss your project.



CorelDraw PC Templates (1998 style)
CD 1 panel (2 page) insert
CD 2 panel (4 page) insert
CD 3 panel (6 page) insert
CD tray card insert
CD Label
Cassette J-card- Corel version 3


Disclaimer: Graphic arts and prepress preparation are very complicated processes requiring a lot of knowledge and skill. We take no responsibility for any misunderstanding or errors you may make in trying to "do-it-yourself". We suggest hiring a competent graphic design firm to create your artwork. Computer files and films must be made exactly to the proper specification or else they may have to be redone. We would be pleased to work with your graphic artist to expedite the printing process - but we disclaim all responsibility for files made out of spec due to misunderstandings you, your graphic artist, or we may make. Please supply colour printouts of your artwork.