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Bulk CD duplication packaging options
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Add CD-Text
Add ISRC codes
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Submit audio CD to Gracenote database This will help the itunes player recognize your CD

CD-Text appears in some car and software players

ISRC codes don't serve much practical use on a CD so don't worry too much about not having them. You need them for submitting to digital services, not on your CD

Editing supplied CD-R or DDP is a service needing mastering & proofing. Supply final 16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV files instead to minimize mastering fees and proofing time.

Templates for disc printing

Inkjet print: Photoshop | Illustrator PDF
Thermal print (1 colour): Photoshop | Illustrator PDF
Silkscreen: Photoshop | Illustrator PDF

Do you need multiple-disc sets? Do you have a large catalog? Please speak to a sales rep for a custom quote!


Instant CD Duplication Quotes

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We also offer CD Pressing (replication) with pro silkscreen and offset printing.

Your artwork must be ready to print. Design and layout is available if you need help, just ask for a quote!

*Note about wrapping: quantities below 500 are often wrapped in a resealable crystal-clear bag. For larger quantities we can use shrinkwrap or overwrap.

NB: Editing may require extra days and may require master approval. If you choose the editing option, basic editing up to 1 hour is included. Extra work and revisions subject to extra fees.



· This page is for duplicated (burned) CD-R copies that are ideal for short-runs, demos, and fast turntime. There is no difference in sound quality compared to replicated (pressed) discs. It can happen in some rare cases that the CD-Rs are not compatible with older CD players. The fundamental reason is that CD-Rs have lower refelctivity than pressed discs, so old players with weak lasers cannot read the discs.
· As you can see we offer a dizzying variety of printing methods! If you want an awesome-looking disc, choose the Falcon Smart Guard with Epson 6-color printing, or even better, silkscreen print. Silkscreen is affordable for 1 or 2 spot colors. For those on a budget, the text-and-logo inkjet or thermal print can fit the bill.
· Audio files must be 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV or AIFF for audio CD copies. Mastering services are available if needed.

**If you are supplying audio files please pay special attention to the specified space between the songs. If your tracks have been mastered as an album then it is likely that you want the default option "0 pause seamless mix" because your mastering engineer has already set the spaces between the songs. Otherwise you may want a default 2 or 3 seconds between songs if this is just a demo or promo CD. Finding the right pause is part of mastering and is available if we do mastering for you.

· Graphics: There is no extra fee if we reject your art files once before the PDF proofs are generated. Resubmitting art files several times or after PDF proofs have been generated will result in a fee of $25 per document. Make sure to include bleed and respect 1/8" safety margin in your artwork. Proofread your files before sending them to us! Make sure to include Made in Canada on the back cover of your artwork.
· We have many different types of CD-R media available, so we suggest to consult with a sales rep to make the right choice:
  • Pro Falcon discs for long life and reliable playback
  • silver inkjet
  • Falcon Smart Guard waterproof glossy inkjet offer the best print quality
  • silver shiny top for monochrome thermal print, or silkscreen
  • gold archival CD-Rs and DVD-Rs to last a lifetime
Please contact us for any custom quotes.
· Other packaging and media options are available. See our online store.





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