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100: from CAD$189 (approx USD$150)

500: from CAD$725 (approx USD$580) (includes offset O-Cards)

1000: from CAD$999 (approx USD$800) (includes offset O-Cards)

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Includes cassette duplicated up to 10 minutes per side, inkjet-printed O-Card, and assembly.
500+ includes pro offset-printed O-Cards with AQ varnish

From your uploaded WAV files

O-card Paper label
Full-bleed printing is not available for quantities under 500. O-Cards are inkjet-printed on matte white uncoated 13 point Enviro board or brown 18 point chipboard. Disclaimer: We must print in standard mode, not high quality mode, so there may be a slight banding.

Includes pro digital bin high-speed dubs.


For a more customized package consult our price calculator. or contact us for a price quote.



Real professional O-Cards on 15 point board with offset printing are also available, included for runs of 500+.
See how the edges are square and neat, and the print quality is A1.

ocards offset printedSofie Winterson Cassette in pro O-Card




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