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Audio Mastering Tools


Our current primary mastering system is Wavelab. This is a very powerful software for basic editing and mastering, offering good versatility and transparent sound quality.

Our forté is quick repair work while maintaining high quality when you are in a rush to get your CD out. For extra care and for the ultimate in mastering quality you can contact project-mastering studios like

Grey Market mastering

Ryebread Mastering

Archive Mastering


Salt Mastering

Silent Masters

Lacquer Channel



SADiE Digital Audio Workstation

Our Sadie system is still in use primarily for real-time loading from DAT and CD with digital error monitoring, and transfers to and from 8mm Exabyte tape. Our Sadie system has made many CD masters since 1996.


Vintage Sadie 2 Screen grab (1996):

Sadie picture

So easy and fast to do edits!