So what’s the diff between Real-Time and High-Speed cassette duplication?


When entering your cassette duplication order, the first question you face is whether you want to duplicate real-time or high-speed. So what’s the difference? With real-time cassettes we load the tape according to your longest side length. From there we duplicate directly from your audio files, allowing us to use a high quality 24-bit source, even higher resolution than CD. Our frequency range is 20Hz to 20kHz, meaning that we can maintain extreme highs and lows while still dubbing at a loud volume and with low tape hiss. Each cassette is manually quality controlled to ensure the A-side sounds correct.

Our Tapematic 2000 loads tape into cassette shells for real-time duplication.

High-speed is the economical choice. The cassette is loaded into a digital bin and then duplicated continuously at high speed onto bulk 8,200 foot pancakes. Each tape is separated by a cue tone, which the Tapematic loaders use to locate, cut and load the tape into the cassette shell. Each cassette is consistent in quality with a frequency range of 20Hz to 16kHz. By being able to duplicate higher quantities at a faster rate we are able to offer a lower price per cassette compared to real-time, and just like real-time we are able to duplicate the cassettes at a loud volume with low tape noise.

Our high-speed loaders and duplicators running through a batch of cassettes in a matter of minutes!


Now that you know the difference, the only question that remains is which is the right duplication speed for your release? Compare the prices alongside all of our cassette shell colour and packaging options using our online calculator! We’ll supply you with an instant quote and free shipping to the United States and Canada.

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