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Audio Cassette Colour Selection (C-Zeros)

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The audio cassette shell is known as a C-0 or C-Zero. C-0s come in many varieties as you can see below .


Audio cassette C-Zero

Pictured: transparent C-Zero, no screws, tab in, for normal bias tape.

Choose from a huge selection of audio cassette colours!

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C-Zeros come in many styles:

- Normal
- Chrome notch (or high-bias or 70uS EQ)
- Metal notch (not available)
- Record tabs in
- Record tabs out
- 5-screw
- Sonic Weld (no screws)
- Clear, black, white, colored, and tinted!








C-0 Clear tab in white leader

Clear C-0 with grey liners, tab in, white leader, with screws

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