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Custom-Loaded Chrome Audio Cassettes

High-Bias or Type-II tapes offer a step up in sound quality.

For short lengths check the Cobalt tape category. For BASF chrome we have only 120 minute tape stock.

High-bias tapes are made with several different formulations of metals. The first formulation was the classic chromium dioxide (chrome) from BASF. TDK offered a cobalt tape known as SA (Super Avilyn) with a warmer sound. BASF then started mixing cobalt into their chrome tapes. Maxell had the XL tapes made with "black magnetite".

To use high-bias tapes you either need a bias switch on your tape recorder, or you must use chrome-notch cassette shells if you do not have a bias selector.

Tapes longer than 100 minutes have a very thin base and are easily damaged, so they are intended only for special purposes and well-maintained machines. We have a small amount of C-110 and C-120 Emtec tape remaining.

When calculating your tape length, add 7 to 10 seconds at each end, plus up to 2% in case your machines are off speed. If your program is exactly 30 minutes per side, you could ask us for tapes of 31:00 per side (or C-62s).

We also offer audio cassette duplication. Consult our online price calculator.


Blank BASF Chrome Plus Extra Cassette Tapes of Your Chosen Length TABS IN

Quality chrome audio cassette of any length to 104 minutes

Out of stock or special order.

Gold Plated Audio Cassette With Chrome Tape

Ultra rare gold plated audio cassette of any length from 1 to 110 minutes

Out of stock or special order.

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