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120 Minute Cassettes

120 minute tapes are ideal for recording hour-long radio programs, sermons, for dictation, and other uses needing 60 minutes per side. 120 minute tape stock is no longer manufactured so buy these while still available.



Maxell P/I 120 Minute Audio Cassette C-120 (1 piece) - price is per one cassette

Maxell Professional/Industrial Communicator Series 120 minute Audio Cassette

List price: CAD$9.99 save 20%

C-120 Normal Bias BASF Tape in Black Cassette
The best C-120 BASF normal bias tape in a premium Made in USA audio cassette shell.
Qty Out of stock or special order.

120 Minute Blank Audio Cassette, Normal Bias

120 minute blank normal bias cassettes


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