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120 Minute Cassettes

120 minute tapes are ideal for recording hour-long radio programs, sermons, for dictation, and other uses needing 60 minutes per side. 120 minute tape stock is no longer manufactured so buy these while still available.



120 Minute Blank Audio Cassette, Normal Bias

120 minute blank normal bias cassettes


C-120 Normal Bias BASF Tape in Black Cassette
The best C-120 BASF normal bias tape in a premium Made in USA audio cassette shell.
Qty Out of stock or special order.

Maxell P/I 120 Minute Audio Cassette C-120 (1 piece) - price is per one cassette

Maxell Professional/Industrial Communicator Series 120 minute Audio Cassette

List price: CAD$9.99 save 20%

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