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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 14


Sleeping Beauty woke up, following the synth rhythm walking up the tower of hope’s staircase to reach the top window to see the rainbow.


Lightsabres – A Shortcut To Insanity

Distorted guitar and vocal guiding your way to crawl out of the twisted bottom of your mind.


supaKC x noisy answer – Don’t push the river EP

Dolphin lovers intertwining their tails and dreams becoming one spirit swimming in the sensual touches of the fluid water wonderland.


Yellow Funk – Yellow Funk’s Selection Edit 3

Blood pumping jungle chant for the workaholics’ tropical vacation.

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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 13

HEC – The Serendipitous Ones

Electric aqua droplets fulfill your crave of dark wave, slow dance, moody evening


The Draughtsmen – Notable Alumni

Uplifting guitar riff, raw rock n roll spirit perfect for waiting for the sunrise after a memorable fun night.


Nutria – Meeting in Progress

sophisticated saxophone create mystery cocktail at a lounge bar waiting with internal dilemma for the love interest to come through


Pale Mare – Pale Mare EP

Torontonian heavy metal embracing high energy sonic punches to the next level with limited to 77 copies of their tape.