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Shipping rates added for tapes and small objects!

We’ve added shipping for tapes and other small items weighing less than 1 lb.

The rates are calculated automatically when you check out.

North America: $10 plus $2 per additional item (allow around 2 weeks for delivery)

International tracked postal service: $20 plus $2 per additional item (2 to 5 weeks)

Express overnight to USA: $30 plus $2 per additional item (1-2 days)

Express to Europe: $50 plus $1 per additional item (2-4 days)

NB: We cannot ship equipment or other large items at these rates.

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Selling Your Items In The Dupe Shop

To sell your items in the Dupe Shop please follow these steps:

  • Click on My Account, and register a new account selecting the optionย “Apply to become a vendor?”
  • Your vendor account will be created automatically and you can then start to add items
  • Add your items, setting the quantity you are giving us on consignment and your desired selling price. You will earn two thirds of the selling price.
  • Describe your item and upload a product image and other audio/video media as you want!
  • Drop off or send us your items

If you already created a dupeshop account and did not apply for a vendor account upon registration, we will have to manually set your account as a vendor, so send us an email requesting this change.

Note that dupeshop accounts are not currently linked to accounts in ย ย or other order systems. Dupeshop accounts are entirely separate.

Postage to Canada from the USA

If you use a small bubble mailer then sending 1 or 2 tapes by USPS will cost you $9.20. ย You should be able to use LARGE ENVELOPES and more padding for a cheaper price of $3 to $4. The specs for Large Envelopes are:

Dimension Minimum* Maximum
Height 6-1/8 inches 12 inches
Length 11-1/2 inches 15 inches
Thickness 1/4 inch 3/4 inch