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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 14


Sleeping Beauty woke up, following the synth rhythm walking up the tower of hope’s staircase to reach the top window to see the rainbow.


Lightsabres – A Shortcut To Insanity

Distorted guitar and vocal guiding your way to crawl out of the twisted bottom of your mind.


supaKC x noisy answer – Don’t push the river EP

Dolphin lovers intertwining their tails and dreams becoming one spirit swimming in the sensual touches of the fluid water wonderland.


Yellow Funk – Yellow Funk’s Selection Edit 3

Blood pumping jungle chant for the workaholics’ tropical vacation.

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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 11

Metro West – a current affair

Nice vaporwave cassette for all you slowed-down funk junkies.


Radd Ron – Succesful Musician

Over a dozen mysterious weirdo electronic pop cassettes turned up at the shop this week. Come by and grab one for free! Not available for purchase online, in-store only!


Mount Maxwell – Only Children

Spaced-out and refined ambient IDM from West Coast. Cavernous and peaceful.


Moss Harvest – Ferric Memory

Dark, dense and earthy ambient textures from the East Coast. Dreary and intimate noise.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 8

Aalbers – F

A meditation on minimalist ambient grooves, originally created for a contemporary dance event.


Haze – Internet Explorer

Chinese vaporwave birthed from the ashes of dated early 90’s technology.


Mem Aleph – Mukqs

The house music playing in the club scene in your favourite Playstation 1 RPG game.


Letters of Acceptance – 3

Light and refined pop rock with psychedelic undertones. Opening theme for your weekend.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 6

Omar Bongo – 2019

Somalian folk artist Omar Bongo’s follow up to last year’s staff favourite “Gor Gor” which was recorded inside the Istar restaurant in Etobicoke by Dave Ewenson. I somehow like this new release even better than the last. For fans of traditional finger picked oud tunes.


Memorex / Mort Garcon – 4 song split single

This collaboration between Memorex and Mort Garcon brings us energetic electro / cold-wave. Sounds like getting cyber-attacked and secretly enjoying it. Comes in a shiny package (literally).


Michael C. Duguay – Summer Flight Lasts Forever

A sweet collection of unreleased acoustic versions of songs by singer-songwriter Michael C. Duguay. These songs strum along at a leisurely pace and carry your mind to a simpler place.


Point No Point – Drift

Brought to us via German label Spati Palace, Point no Point’s “Drift” is an experimental combination of folk, drone , electronic and pop. It’s a somber collection of dreamy, hazy sounds from the mind of Jana Sotzko.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 4

Rewilding – Rain Patch

Rain Patch is a mystical collective of experimental, instrumental songs. A patchwork of electronic, acoustic and found sounds all recorded in the Alaskan wilderness. Sounds like if Broadcast moved to a cabin in the woods for 8 months.


Kadaitcha – Tar

Kadaitcha is an industrial ambient artist from Ukraine who explores the organic elements of noise music.


Oariana – A Pear on the Wind

One of our favourite releases from Ingrown Records thus far. For fans of the intersection between ethereal bliss and disorienting chaos.


Wingclipper – Future Vintage

A love story between a man and his MPC1000.