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Blank CD-R Media

Amtech imports and stocks a wide variety of professional CD-R media made by Falcon and Taiyo Yuden, and also resells retail-packaged CD-R media from Verbatim, TDK, Imation, Sony, etc...

Note that CD-Rs sold in Canada are subject to an additional levy of 29 cents per CD-R. All CD-Rs except business-card CD-Rs are subject to this levy. Discs that we import have the option to be exempt or to pay the levy - for example, all of our Taiyo Yuden and Falcon media can be exempt of levy. Retail-packaged CD-Rs from Verbatim, Imation, TDK, and Sony generally already include the levy when we buy from the Canadian warehouse. Upon special request we can obtain retail media without the 29 cent levy.

Most of our clients who buy more than 600 CD-Rs per year - including educational institutions, professional musicians who are registered with the American Federation of Musicians, broadcasters, law enforcement agencies, advertising agencies, the music, film and video industries, courts, tribunals and court reporters, religious organizations, telemarketing firms, software companies, duplication facilities, medical institutions, technology companies, conference and training companies, governments, and other firms duplicating audio and data for business use - these, and others too, can enjoy access to zero-rated media without the 29 cent levy.

Just fill out this online application to start buying levy-free media.


Black CD-R 700MB 80 Minutes

Black CD-R 700MB 80 Minutes

Out of stock or special order.

Mitsui Clearcoat CD-R

Original Mitsui (!!!) CD-R with clearcoat protection


Music CD-Rs for your Audio CD Recorder - 25pk spindle

Verbatim Music CD-Rs for your audio CD recorder. 25pk spindle

Qty Out of stock or special order.

Falcon CD-R Smart White Universal Hub Printable #434 100pk

Falcon CD-R Smart White Universal Inkjet and Thermal Hub Printable, 100 pieces