Gladys Lazer – Way Imperfect


Gladys Lazer blends the experimental with the harmonious. Widely known for his virtuosic otherworldly drumming, Lazer creates melodic delights with rampaging drum patterns and flourishing soundscapes. The results are combustible energy capsules of impressionistic, multi-sensory sound paintings.

Lazer’s 2017 EP ‘Candy World/Bye Past’ distilled his memories of a nomadic time travelling the world solely on music. Recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil with long time bass guitar companion and label-mate Sessa, and in the countryside of SW Georgia, the release blended intricate compositions with bursts of rhythmic noise.

Created during a time of inner conflict, his followup project reflects Lazer’s realization of the fallible nature of human life and music alike: ‘Way Imperfect’ explores the release from suffering of perfectionism and idealism, with a remarkably free and flawed approach to creation. On ‘Way Imperfect,’ Lazer pushes the boundaries of the drum beat, both fitting within the structure of the song and breaking it, all primal polyrhythmic patterns balanced by infectiously songful musings.

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