Brett Taylor – The Body is Part of the Dream


The Body is Part of The Dream” finds Houston songwriter Brett W. Taylor (Narcons, Buoyant Spirit, sIngs)) processing grief with a singular vulnerability. Materialized during the period surrounding the death of Taylor’s mother, the record offers a staggering examination of the despair, melancholy, and dreamlike confusion rippling outward in the aftermath of such a loss. Entirely self-produced and recorded, the album’s ten tracks sway with an uncanny confidence, gliding seamlessly from lush wellsprings of synth color to sparse and desperate acoustic strums, all stitched together with skittering orchestral percussion. At once entrancing in its honesty and overwhelming in its spiritual weight, “The Body is Part of The Dream” is a moment frozen in time; a view of an impossible weight, and all the ways we try to bear it.

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