A Very Omnichord Christmas


A Very Omnichord Intermission


A Very Omnichord Intermission – 45 minutes of the best instrumental Omnichord music you have ever crammed into your two ear-holes! Taken from the A Very Omnichord Christmas series, these tapes hold every Intermission from the series, stripped down to instrumental glory so that you can pull them into any intermission you can imagine. No longer are you bound to only Christmas themed bathroom breaks!

Side 1

  • Instrumission (!)
  • Instrumission (!!)   — Author’s note: due to technical limitations, Instrumission (!!) has been split in the middle between side 1 and 2

Side 2

  • Instrumission (!!) (Cont.)
  • Instrumission (!!!)


Produced by Dennis McCarke. Rest In Peace!

Performed by Ross Collier, Zeke Bandy, and Joey Kenkel.



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Individually wrapped, silver tape cassettes spackled with holiday glitter. So sparkly you’ll be shinier than Christ Himself on Mount Moriah. Imprinted with beautiful gold ink so you can have your Silver & Gold all year long.



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