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Analogue Media offers Scented Discs with a variety of scents ranging from fresh fruit and flowers to coffee and pizza. The amount of scent and its intensity is generally determined by the size of the scented area. So a larger scented area will yield more scent and more rubs.

Marketing and advertising professionals can use scented discs to take your upcoming disc marketing project to the next level. Integrating scent into a CD or DVD increases consumer awareness of a particular product and stimulates purchase activity by incorporating “smell” into the marketing piece. Rub’n Smell disc printing increases the impact, recall, value, and effectiveness of any marketing effort. The scented varnish is transparent and remains dormant until the printed surface is rubbed and it actually lasts for years in printed form. The smell dissipates after a few seconds but can be re-activated by rubbing the surface again (similar to a “ scratch n sniff” sticker)

Imagine receiving a CD or DVD or Flex DVD ® Disc in your favorite magazine from a perfume company that once opened, the user can rub the disc and then enjoy the smell or scent of the product being marketed! You can actually create a CD or DVD for a florist that actually smells like flowers! The possibilities for this new product are endless and are truly cost effective compared to other scented marketing pieces and magazine inserts. The Boston Herald, Media Post, New York Post and New York Times’ marketing research department discovered that when given a choice between two similar food or beverage products, 81% of consumers would choose the one they could smell and see over the one they could only see!

We have a very extensive list of STOCK SCENTS available to any client, and can also create new scents specific for a particular product.

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Scents Improve the Effectiveness of Advertising

Stock Scents: (Partial List to the right)

We do not manufacture fragrance oils, but to assist customers who don't have their own fragrance, we have relationships with fragrance oil manufacturers who have expansive libraries of scents that can meet most needs.

Virtually any fragrance can be encapsulated and made into scented varnish. Customers can supply their own fragrance oils or we can assist in sourcing or developing a specific fragrance upon request.

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