Final size:
123mm x 123mm
Add 3mm bleed
use 3mm type safety margin

Folder in PDF format

CD in PDF format


100% recycled
Environmental Choice

Standard CD/DVD and Enviro Cardboard Folder in Poly Sleeve

Convert your expensive digipak or wallet to an economical folder. Ideal for orders under 500 pieces.

A great cardboard sleeve package with standard CD-Rs and DVD-Rs! This package gives you a nice rigid feel like a regular 2-panel cardboard sleeve but is economical even for runs as low as 25 pieces. Printed on 100% recycled white board. It's a really deluxe package that takes up a fraction of the space and weight of jewel boxes and production time is counted in days instead of weeks.
cd board pak 4 over 4
Sample package printed 4/4 full colour both sides and optional silkscreened discs

DISC: Duplicated standard white discs with colour text and logo print or shiny silver disc with black thermal print (3-4 lines of text/logo).
PRINT: 2 panel 13pt Enviro board
PACKAGING: Inserted into pro quality poly sleeve with flap
ART: Client supplied, ready to print
TURN AROUND: 5 business days

board folder with extra insert
Sample package printed 4/0 with optional extra paper insert and SmartGuard glossy discs

Cover Print 25 50 100 200 300 500 SKU
Black outside info $3.50 $2.00 $1.60 $1.50 $1.25 $0.90 PAK1004
Black in and out info $3.75 $2.25 $1.70 $1.65 $1.35 $1.00 PAK1005
Colour outside info $4.00 $2.50 $1.80 $1.60 $1.40 $1.15 PAK1006
Colour in and out info $5.00 $2.90 $2.00 $1.80 $1.60 $1.25 PAK1007

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Rush Service available!

3 DAYS: $50
2 DAYS: $75
1 DAY: $100
SAME DAY: Call to confirm
Turntime starts after we have approved ready-to-print files


Upgrade to white or silver Falcon SmartGuard Glossy CD/DVD discs: $0.40 (best quality burns and printing)
DVD-R add $0.25
Verbatim Blu-ray add $1.75
Glossy Blu-ray add $1.75

Full coverage graphics on CDs:
$0.25 per disc for full colour graphics
$0.50 for Photo Best Disc printing
$0.75 for Epson 6-colour disc printing
Solid colour inkjet floods: add $0.25 (silkscreen is recommended instead)
Silkscreen also available with a setup cost of $100+
(Silkscreen is strongly recommended for solid colour prints)
. You can consult with our customer service department to discuss your needs.
- Art preparation from elements not ready to print: $25 per quarter hour


FSC-Certified Enviro Board

environmentally friendly board

Our board is FSC-Certified, 100% recycled and environmentally friendly. Processed chlorine free. Even though it is uncoated, it still has a smooth finish for high quality printing.

Poly Sleeve Quality

One of the key points that makes this a deluxe package is the pro-quality thick poly sleeves. It really makes a huge aesthetic difference. We could go with economy Chinese sleeves to save 10 cents but they look and feel... cheap. Since most clients buying our Enviropaks are using them for direct sales and promotion to get gigs or sell stuff, it just doesn't make sense to go cheap on the packaging.


50 discs can fit in in your purse or a small 6x6x6 box. Ideal for travelling to tradeshows and conferences.

cursed arrows enviropak