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We can and do regularly print picture discs. Photos need to be specially calibrated, and even then it is difficult to ensure pleasing results. It is also impossible to make an accurate proof of how the disc will look when it is printed! An actual press proof can be purchased for $200. Here are two discs that were adjusted by our prepress team and came out very well. Both of them were manipulated in Photoshop to reduce the contrast.

Examples of 2 color picture discs, white background plus one Pantone color.

If these images were not compensated they might have huge white areas on the lighter areas, with a sudden and drastic demarcation into the slightly darker areas.

Here are some more considerations for printing halftones:

  • densities paler than 15% may be lost
  • densities greater than 85% may become solid
  • the line screen is 133 lines per inch
  • there are zones having sudden changes in density. We suggest to avoid gradients and skintones when silkscreen printing at 133 lines per inch
  • For smooth gradients we would have to go down to about 85 lines per inch or lower, giving a very coarse image. But you may enjoy the effect for artistic reasons.