· TUTUORIAL · 2 Color CD and DVD Label Silkscreening


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The disc above was printed using 2 Pantone colors. A knockout is incorporated into the design to show the silver-colored CD underneath. Note that the ink is not completely opaque so you can see a change in color in the clear plastic area inside 37 mm diameter. If you wanted to avoid this you could print white first or print the yellow under the orange. Be careful doing an overprint because you might change the colors - like if you print blue on top of yellow you will end up with green.
In this 2 color example a solid orange flood was printed first and the black printed on top, so you don't see a change in color where the clear plastic is. This technique also gives you sharper text because we make a straight knockout instead of having to do spreads or chokes on the text. The orange hue added to the black is not a problem in this case.