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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 12

Dope Sweater – Dope Sweater is a Cult

Grungy rhythm leads to hair whipping nostalgic punk rock spirit. Right amount of emotional cleanse with anger from the Indiana local kings.


Gulf Audio Company – //2019

Vaporwave, future funk, psychedelic surfing to escape the internet loneliness in your bedroom dance party


Blunderbusst – Monarch of the Mountain

Dreamy synth and upbeat guitar, firmed yet gentle vocal for the forest fairies’ road trip


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 9

Harakiri – Alchemy Choir

Psychedelic math rock. Weird riffs and vocal harmonies soaked in reverb.


Fiebertraum – Tears in the Morning (VHS)

Dreary ambient vaporwave soundtrack on VHS, sounds like a relaxing nightmare.


Luge – Tall is just a Feeling

It’s difficult to head-bang to Luge if you’re a first time listener. Jazz punk for metal heads who secretly love pop.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 3

HUH – 8

Extremely hectic, improvisational noise jazz all the way from Tokyo. Guaranteed to make you mess up the portions of whatever meal you’re cooking. So stressful!


Waxing – Through the Deep End

Debut from Toronto’s Waxing (lead by Cam Fraser). Minimal and clever indie / emo rock. Groovy and sweet – will make you never want to leave Sea World.


Nutrients – Nutrients

Toronto’s Nutrients create loungey, breathy pop rock. Extremely easy to listen to, awkwardly sentimental. Feels like practicing to ask your date out to prom in front of the mirror.


Dream Channel – For you, for us

Strange mysterious vaporwave tape arrives at our shores courtesy of Legendary Entertainment.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 2

Gladys Lazer – Way Imperfect

The newest release from New York percussionist Gladys Lazer bounces back and forth between pummeling your eardrums with poly-rhythms and soothing your soul with calming ambient jazz. A varied sonic landscape of instrumental beat patterns.


Rogue Tenant – Compassion EP

Newest release from Toronto’s Rogue Tenant (lead by Patrick Grant). They teeter the line between alt-rock and art-rock, creating down-to-earth, mid-tempo rock anthems.


Pink Ranger – Floating Points

New lo-fi vaporwave courtesy Pink Ranger from Tampa. Very soft 80’s grooves – feels like window shopping with your crush but not buying anything other than a smoothie.


Brave Radar – It’s Honey’s World

Minimal, hazy pop songs tinged with psychedelic and no-wave sensibilities. Sounds like Broadcast’s more easygoing cousin from Montreal that doesn’t try nearly as hard but still gets really good grades.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 1

J Hamilton Isaacs – Circumzenithal Arc

Newest release from Washington-based experimental label Ingrown Records. The imagined sounds of light being reflected through ice crystals.


Switched On – A Link to the Past

Compositions from The Legend of Zelda video game franchise, re-imagined as an atmospheric electronic album.


Desco Radio-Club EP – Yuuki Platinum 2000

Newest release from Los Angeles based vaporwave label Adeptus Minor. Highly danceable future funk made by a French guy living in Japan.


Hieronymus Harry – Day of the Moon

Debut release from local alt-country favourite Hieronymus Harry. Timeless acid folk you’ll surely have on repeat.