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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 5

Labradoodle – Life is Better

Local weirdos take you on a fantastical voyage. Temperamental indie pop. Children’s music for adults.


Short Bloom – People Patterns

Local DJ, producer and performer Sachin Mohindra sculpts delicate electronic ambient music. There is a strong house music influence tying all these experimental and pop sounds together. Meticulous dance music for your soul.


Nico Paulo – Wave Call

Nico (originally from Portugal) has been living in Toronto and releasing elegant, dreamy folk pop that will take your breath away. Catchy and heartbreaking, huge recommendation.


valyri – home, for the first time

Experimental and intelligent sound arrangements. Blending harsh noise and ethereal lo-fi ambient. Highly unpredictable and engrossing.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 3

HUH – 8

Extremely hectic, improvisational noise jazz all the way from Tokyo. Guaranteed to make you mess up the portions of whatever meal you’re cooking. So stressful!


Waxing – Through the Deep End

Debut from Toronto’s Waxing (lead by Cam Fraser). Minimal and clever indie / emo rock. Groovy and sweet – will make you never want to leave Sea World.


Nutrients – Nutrients

Toronto’s Nutrients create loungey, breathy pop rock. Extremely easy to listen to, awkwardly sentimental. Feels like practicing to ask your date out to prom in front of the mirror.


Dream Channel – For you, for us

Strange mysterious vaporwave tape arrives at our shores courtesy of Legendary Entertainment.