Stenorette – 06 [Yellow]


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06 [Yellow] is the final release of a six-part series of cassettes documenting the Stenorette recording sessions in 2013. The tracks included are edited versions of two 45 minute pieces originally recorded in July 2013. Edits were to shorten the pieces only, no additional sounds were added.

Limited cassette edition packaged in hand-stamped, 100% recycled chipboard packaging from Stumptown Printers – includes tape, vellum printed insert and download code.

1. Phantom Bird Cask (19:51)
2. Cask Bird Phantom (20:25)




Stenorette is the experimental sound project of Ben Worth and Ben Dyson – two ex-pat Brits who met in their adopted home city of Toronto, Canada. Their sounds are created using various tapes, vinyl, found sound, and heavily processed guitar. All work is 100% improvised and every session is recorded live to cassette.


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