Souvenir Driver – A Dangerous Crossing


Influenced by a Nietzsche quote (“Mankind is a dangerous crossing”), current events, and personal lives, Portland based band Souvenir Driver continues their evolution of psych/gaze into darker, moodier, and murkier territory.

“When the more than 8-minute groovy closer Glass Slipper (The Queen) comes to an end you’ll push the repeat button without any hesitation as, just like me, you’ll be tempted to discover every layer, every twist, every hook, every lick, every moment and every line of these terrifically arranged en delightfully orchestrated songs. This band knows exactly what imposing tunes need, how to construct them and how to turn them into appealing aural pearls that impact your hungry ears. ‘A DANGEROUS CROSSING‘ is an arresting achievement!”

“There’s a sense of a band interested in enquiry, evolution, and the pursuit of the authentic self. Tracks bleed into one another. And the expanse of the album is ambitious … Guitars crash, distort and dissolve like a floor that’s fallen out from beneath a moral high ground. It’s compelling stuff.”

“By the track’s mid-point (Haze), there’s a fond likeness to Television/Tom Verlaine. It’s a great start to a very stellar album”

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