Short Bloom – People Patterns


Written and recorded over the course of five years following an impromptu move to Toronto, Ontario, People Patterns is the debut album by producer, DJ, and performer Sachin Mohindra aka Short Bloom.

Initially conceived as a collection of brief sketches reflecting on the changing coastal landscape after a near-decade spent living in Vancouver, British Columbia, these ideas instead developed into a work of fully-formed songs, eventually growing to include the uneasiness and unexpected disconnect of a new chapter of life in another shifting, conflicted metropolis.

While the lyrics and song titles may allude to experiences of isolation, loss, and doubt, it’s not all dark — there is a sound of enduring lightness and warmth throughout that continues to resurface in search of connection and understanding, eventually coming into full focus in the final track “Nara”.

With musical inspiration ranging from the shimmering ambience of Susumu Yokota to the multicolor productions of Caribou — while also paying homage to early new age music, pioneering composer Laurie Spiegel, UK garage, and more — People Patterns is an album that never truly rests, continually searching for a place to belong.

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