Repulsar: Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon


Contributing to the globalist, Neo-Malthusian depopulation agenda by promoting homosexuality as the preferred lifestyle of everyone, including pro-Second Amendment deer hunters, Repulsar offers “Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon”. Deer hunters are America’s last defenders of freedom. Yes, the well-armed sportsman is an unsung hero in the final battle against tyranny. They are the last line of defense that prevents America from slipping into a socialist totalitarian technocratic dictatorship. Deer hunters are therefore Repulsar’s target audience as we explore the communist, gun grabbing, gay, depopulation agenda. It’s not enough that Repulsar makes bad music. We also must promote bad ideas like totalitarianism where all who are opposed are eliminated leaving a skeleton crew of docile wage slaves with high-functioning autism. Not to be outdone by the one child policies in China, Repulsar will aid the social engineers in brainwashing our two dozen fans into supporting a crusade dedicated to the depopulation of the planet via compliance with a dystopian, anti-human vision of conformity. Soon, all procreative sex will be illegal. Listen to this recording and you too will be happily assimilated. Repeat this Neo-Malthusian depopulation agenda reprogramming affirmation.

“I will find happiness in assimilation. I will find penis in ass stimulation.”

Never suffer the anxiety and degradation of procreative sex again!

50 hand assembled, hand numbered cassettes produced. Download code included.

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Repulsar: Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon
Repulsar: Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon


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