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” What you have to think about this cassette is personal for each person listening to it.   You have to take yourself to the deepest, darkest depths of your mind and find out where you would be the most lost and vulnerable and then what you would have to do to get out of that place should you find yourself there.    I know what I must do and have done to stay out of that place, but do you?   This is not a listening experience so much as the measure of a man, a test if you will.    Take it only if you have the strength.” – Joshua Macala, Raised By Gypsies

All sounds by: Breathing Signal (S.F.) and Straight Panic (T.B.)
Recorded 23 OCT 2014 @ Fuck Mtn., MPLS

Professionally duplicated c30
Pad-printed turquoise cassette in clear norelco jewel case.
Full-color pro-printed Jcard+1, edition of 50

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