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Dominic Pierce – Overxtra EP




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Catalog: INNER043
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette

//C18 6 track EP on Gold Cassette Tapes. 14 min runtime.

First Edition / Gold Tapes 25 copies. SOLD OUT
Second Edition / Pink Tapes 25 copies.

Dominic Pierce returns with “overxtra”, a 6 track EP that’s like a quick reverie; deep and full of feeling. This release is the second collab between Inner Ocean and Close To Modern, featuring appearances by Sports Boyfriend, Rhakim Ali andFlutes (Co-Founder of CTM).

Producers notes “the songs were made using an SP 202, 303, and 404. Sampled synths on 202, arranged and processed on 303 and 404 to get a subtle flavour from each of the SP’s.”


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