4 Responses to CST145

  1. Ryan Strempke-Durgin says:

    I would love to see these music files available in a lossless format.

    • Christoph Terhechte says:

      Absolutely! I cannot carry my vinyls everywhere I go, but when I’m not at home, at least I want a decent digital format to listen to. Some people may prefer MP3s to save space, but real music enthusiasts prefer uncompressed FLAC!

      • The Doll says:

        I would like to see this released on a wax cylinder with bonus scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers and transfer tattoos. I don’t always have my phonograph handy but at least I could have those small portable and wearable reminders.

  2. Mathias Hoffmann says:

    Thanks a lot for the MP3 file so I can listen the music when I am on the road, too.
    I only buy the vinyl because of the Mp3 file. Only to get the music on vinyl is not enough for me. Some labels do not add the M3 voucher anymore – I can not understand this because the real fans buy the music physically. But to pay for the vinyl and on top for the Mp3 file is not customer friendly – so I want to say a big thanks you that the MP3 file is available for this record. Hugs.