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Silkscreen 4-color
Offset print 4-color
Printed at 120 linescreen
with extra cost 5th color white background.
Printed at 175 linescreen
5th color white included at no extra cost.

Most CDs in North America are printed using the silkscreen method. Silkscreen printing is best for laying down large areas of strong vibrant colors. It really isn't well suited for printing pictures. Offset print is much better at printing pictures, and we can now offer this service at a price comparable to silkscreen printing.

Commercial DVDs are generally printed with the offset method. At duplication.ca you have your choice of silkscreen or offset.

Recordable CD-R: can only be printed by silkscreen

Recordable DVD-R: Can be printed silkscreen or offset

BD-R: Silkscreen is OK. Offset print: as of December 2011 no one has asked yet.






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