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Falcon Technologies Inc. (FTI) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of optical data storage discs for professional and archival applications. FTI is dedicated to creating optical media solutions that deliver the ultimate performance, reliability and durability.

Falcon offers a complete line of CD-Rs, DVD-R, DVD+R, gold archival media, and Blu-ray discs. A variety of print surfaces for inkjet, thermal, and silkscreening applications are available.

Falcon can also offer custom solutions to OEM brands, private labels, distributors and retailers. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this.

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Falcon Gold Archival DVD-R Hard Coat 8X Shiny 24K EP 4.7GB 25pk

25pk FTI DVD-R UHC 8X Shiny 24K Gold EP 4.7GB Falcon Gold EP Archival DVD-R with Ultra Hard Coat


25pk Falcon DVD-R 8X Standard 24K Gold EP 4.7GB

25pk DVD-R 8X Shiny 24K Gold EP 4.7GB Falcon Gold EP Archival DVD-R


25pk Falcon DVD-R 8X 24K Gold EP Thermal White Printable With Gold Rings #641

25pk Falcon 4.7 GB DVD-R 8X 24K Gold EP Thermal White Printable 26-115mm with gold rings


25pk FTI CD-R UHC Smart White Universal 24K Gold EP 23-118mm

** Rare Gold Archival CD-Rs with Ultra HardCoat surface to prevent scratching **

25pk Falcon UHC 24K Gold Archival CD-R with Smart White 23-118mm Hub Printable Surface and Ultra Hard Coat Protection. CPCC certificate is required for Canadian purchasers, or pay the extra $7.25 levy.

Out of stock or special order.

Falcon Gold Archival DVD-R UHC 8X 24K EP Smart White inkjet 26-115mm 4.7 GB 25pk

25pk FTI DVD-R UHC 8X 24K Gold EP Smart White inkjet, with 26 to 115mm printing surface showing gold rings, 4.7 GB. Known as part numbers 600 and 711. 


Falcon DVD+R DL 8.5 GB Inkjet Printable Smartguard Glossy Discs - 50PK

Pro white inkjet printable glossy double layer DVD+R DL discs from Falcon, priced per cakebox of 50


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