FalconMedia Pro Printing Surfaces

Designed and manufactured the highest quality and longevity standards, FalconMedia offers the best choice of printing surfaces in the industry, compatible and recommended by all leading manufacturers of printing equipment.

Smart White Univeral Print Solution

The revolutionary Smart White Universal print surface works perfectly on all inkjet, thermal, and thermal retransfer printers. Ideal for organizations owning both inkjet and thermal printers, this option streamlines your inventory management.
falcon Smart White
Smart White is available in CD-R model #FMC-066, Diamond CD-R #FMCD-434, DVD-R #FMD16SMRT061, as well as Blu-ray and Gold EP models.

Water Repellent White Inkjet

The Water Repellent print surface puts an end to your concerns about inkjet smudging due to moisture. It has a semi-gloss appearance and offers extreme water resistance. Even submersion under water will not substantially alter the printed image. The print image is also very colour accurate so blacks will print as black, not blue as on some competing products.

Water Repellent Media


Water Repellent media is available in 50-pack cakeboxes, CD-R #FMC646 and 16X DVD-R #FMD644 also packaged in a 10-pack.


White Inkjet

The Falcon white inkjet surface is smooth, fast-drying, and offers dramtically more vibrant images than competing products. The Falcon white inkjet surface requires LESS INK to get a more vibrant image.

Diamond CD-R white inkjet
diamond cdr white inkjet
8X white inkjet DVD-R
white inkjet dvd


Silver Inkjet

The silver pearl surface is ideal for those who like the glowing effect obtained on silver print surfaces.

CD-R silver inkjet silver inkjet
model #FMC-182

16X silver pearl inkjet DVD-R silver inkjet dvd-r
model #FMD16SIHP184




White Thermal

The white thermal surface works perfectly with Rimage and Teac thermal retransfer printers. Also works with the Rimage Prism and similar printers. Approved and recommended by Teac.


Diamond CD-R white thermal thermal cd-r
8X white thermal DVD-R
8x dvd-r white thermal


White Thermal Super Gloss

This brand new surface is ideal for Rimage Everest printers! The Super Gloss is ultra smooth (no more orange peel texture). Available in CD and DVD configurations.

Silver Thermal

The silver thermal surface works perfectly with Rimage and Teac thermal retransfer printers. Also works with the Rimage Prism and similar printers.


Shiny Surface

The shiny discs are ideal for silkscreening. The precision Falcon manufacturing ensures perfect printing on silkscreen presses. All Falcon media is hub printable, having no stacking ring indentation on the top surface. Shiny discs are also popular for printing with the Rimage Prism thermal printer, for use with paper labels, or for writing on with a soft-tipped marker. They are ideal for low-cost archiving of data, music, or movies.


Diamond CD-R
shiny silver cdr
8X shiny DVD-R
shiny dvd

Sandard CD-R
FMC-501 (wide sputtered)

All Falcon DVD-Rs are wide-sputtered, or metallized to the center as shown. Falcon CD-Rs are available in wide-sputtered and non-wide-sputtered versions.

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Falcon Print Surfaces