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We've replaced all the different length cassette items with a single item for each tape type from which you can order any length and color.

Normal bias tapes


We custom-load tapes to the exact length you need. We also have some pre-loaded and surplus tapes. Browse the categories to find what you are looking for.

We also offer audio cassette duplication. Consult our online price calculator.



The USB Cassette

The USB Cassette is perfect for your mixtape collections, holds over 1000 songs in MP3 format!


New Arrivals

Glitter Cassette Tapes, Blank Custom-Loaded With Music Grade Normal Bias Tape

Glitter tapes! Click to view the options and lower pricing.

Note: you must order at least 5 items

Exclusive Color Vinyl Audio Cassette Albums

NOW IN STOCK - Colored audio cassette albums for 1 cassette and documentation. 

Note: you must order at least 10 items

Blank Audio Cassettes Custom-Loaded With Chrome High Bias Tape In Your Choice Of Color

Order high bias Chrome tapes in colored cassettes. The price is for 1 piece, so click to view quantity pricing.

Note: you must order at least 5 items

Audio Cassette Labels - 12 Up, Square Bottom Corners, Standard Matte White

White  audio cassette labels for laser, inkjet, and photocopiers. The price is per sheet. 

Qty Out of stock or special order.

Printed Audio Cassette O-Cards for Norelco Cases (digital print)

Custom-printed full-colour O-Cards for Norelco audio cassette cases with high quality commercial digital printing

Note: you must order at least 25 items

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