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Multimedia Packaging Templates: AUDIO CASSETTE


Audio Cassette Templates

Note for Photoshop users: When you import the PDF, select Crop to: Bleed Box

photoshop import pdf crop to bleed box

Place your artwork in a separate layer

Our J-cards are printed full-bleed, then cut, scored and folded.

Cassette cover style

Cassette O-Card (Cassingle)

We can do offset and laser-printed full-bleed O-Cards, or fast-turn inkjet with a white border

Inkjet version pdf


Tall layout PDF

cassette o card
Audio Cassette "3 panel" J-Card


cassette j-card
Audio Cassette J-Card with 1 extra panel


cassette j-card plus 1 panel
Audio Cassette J-Card with 2 extra panels


j-card plus 2 panels

Audio Cassette J-Card with 3 extra panels


j-card plus 3 panels

Audio Cassette J-Card with 4 extra panels


j-card plus 4 panels
JP5 to JP9 Contact us for a quote and templates of larger J-Card formats    
U-Cards These are available by custom quote. Die-cutting is required.    
Cassette face pad-print
Use black to represent the ink colour
Cassette face (1990s template)



Cassette paper label

Our cassette labels allow full-bleed printing - that means you can print a photo background that bleeds off the edges of the label


12-up Sheet

cassette paper label template


Here's a cost-saving idea - cards with out the "J" - Saves a lot of labour. Works in soft poly cases.



For cassette boxes 4" x 2 9/16"
For soft poly cases size is 4" x 2.5"

template to be added

J-CARD for POLY CASE These need to be a little shorter with a front cover of 4" x 2.5" instead of 4" x 2.56"    
J-CARD4UP-BLEED These are perforated sheets of 4 J-Cards. This style allows bleed on 2 sides. Your J-Cards will have perforated edges and folds. pdf audio cassette 4-up perforated J-Cards
J-CARD4UP (Liquidation) These are perforated sheets containing 4 J-Cards. Your J-Cards will have perforated edges and folds. This style has no bleed between the cards.


cassette J-Card 4 up no bleed

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